Posip grape variety

8. March 2021.

Posip grape facts


The first Pošip vines grew in the wild according to legend and were discovered by chance. Researchers later determined that Pošip is probably a cross between two other varieties from Korčula – Bratovina and Blatska zlatarica. Pošip was first cultivated in the sheltered fields of Čara and Smokvica, two villages in the central part of the island. In view of the difficult approach to the fields, most of the work in the vineyards is still done manually.

Harvesting Posip Grapes

Harvesting Posip Grapes


Location of Posip Vineyards


Today, Pošip is grown in locations throughout Dalmatia, especially on the islands of Lastovo and Mljet. Its name derives either from a local word describing the specific shape of the grape or in connection to original vines being grown next to or around pomegranate (šipak) trees, which grow in abundance in this area.

Pošip yields large clusters of high quality grapes that thrive on sandy soil and regions protected from wind. The result is an exceptional, delicious wine. Harvesting is carried out relatively early, and the grapes are unusually sweet for such an early variety with a good balance of alcohol and acids. It is a full-bodied, golden-yellow dry wine with a strong aroma of dried apricots and figs. It has 12-
13% (and sometimes even 14%) alcohol.

Korcula - Cara Vineyards

Korcula – Cara Vineyards

About wine from Posip


Pošip wines are known for their distinct aroma and high acidity levels. They are excellent wines for storing and aging. Aged Pošip wine is ideally served at 12-14 C as an accompaniment to grilled white fish, all seafood, white meats and strong cheeses. The younger, fresher Pošip is a better option for shellfish and as an aperitif.

Top Quality Posip Cara Wine

Top Quality Posip Wine
from Cara – Korcula