About Us

We have been operating as Dubrovnik Day Tours for 11 seasons and have done hundreds of wine tours among other tours that we provide. Since wine is our big passion, our decision was to create a separate website and separate brand – Dubrovnik Premium Wine Tours that would entail only wine and gastro tours. And finally here it is.


We are locally owned travel agency registered as Doria LTD in Dubrovnik – Croatia. Read more about owners and our tour guides  here.

We hope that you will enjoy navigating our site as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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Our Team


11 years of guiding experience in cultural and wine tours, close friendly connections with most of wine makers and other people you will meet along your tour, ensures a day very well spent.

Ivo has BA in Hotel Management and MBA in Corporate Finance and special interests in medieval Central European history and Ottoman Empire so if you are up for some detailed historical discussion, Ivo is your man.
Having traveled to 6 continents, playing basketball for Dubrovnik Veterans Club, and with a wine sommelier degree (member of Croatian Sommelier Club), he can talk about economy, travel, food, wine, sports and all other lighter but still very interesting topics.
Ivo’s family is from Ston wine area, and he grew up helping his uncles around their vineyards and olive orchards, so wine making is in his blood. Today he owns a small olive orchard with 120 trees and is very proud to produce his own extra virgin olive oil.
As a licensed tour guide, Ivo is driving and guiding cultural and wine tours for 11 years makes him one of the pioneers in the industry and is deeply connected with the area (most of winery and restaurant owners that we visit became his friends by now).

Stjepan Wine Tour Guide/Driver


Licenced guide, designated driver and wine sommelier with roots from the area will help you learn about our wines and have a memorable experience

Stjepan is one of our first guides and colleagues and one of the very few people actually born and raised in the Old Town of Dubrovnik, with Masters in Tourism Destination Management.
Having lived and worked in Croatia, Poland and US and with his profound knowledge of world’s geopolitics, Stjepan will be ready to answer all of your questions about Croatia and region, its history, uniqueness and position in the world.
He is a licensed Dubrovnik tour guide and speaks Croatian, English and some Russian as well.
One of Stjepan’s passions is wine. He holds WSET level 2 degree, and his family comes from our biggest wine growing area of Peljesac which makes him your perfect mate on number of our wine and food tours.


People enter my vehicle as guests full of expectations and exit as my friends full of interesting stories, and funny moment with great tastes of wine still lingering on their pallet.

His name is actually Ivo but everyone calls him by his nickname Mili ( sweetheart :))), and it suits him perfectly. Everybody loves MIli and he is a favorite guy in the our agency. As a licensed Dubrovnik tour guide and professional driver he will guide you swiftly through every traffic jam in Dubrovnik and will always calculate best possible border to cross if you are visiting Bosnia or Montenegro for the day.
His Dad still works in their family vineyard northwest of Dubrovnik, and Mili helps whenever work permits. He often carries his family grappa in his Van refrigerator to help you with all your health and mood issues you may have during the trip
Always with a smile on his face and lot of interesting stories, you will immediately feel that you have found a long lost friend with Mili.