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Why choose us?

  • We are like you: we love to travel, explore and get to know a destination through its people, customs, food and of course WINE
  • We are a group of skilled professionals who turned our passions into a business. (we are all Croatian licensed tour guides with majority of us having different sommelier degrees and those who do not, they make it up with their vast life experience
  • We all grew up in the area, with families in wine and olive businesses and got to know our wines and olive oil as its producers, consumers and interpreters/educators.
  • Each of our wine tours from Dubrovnik is unique, and personalized to our guests’ preferences.
  • Tours are handled in an informative, yet relaxed and friendly way, and are a good fit both for wine novices and experienced Connoisseurs
  • We have 12 years of experience in what we do
  • Hundreds of excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, and Facebook

Our Wine Tours from Dubrovnik 2024 offer

Our wine tours are specially planned to offer a wide range of outstanding experiences. Get inspired and choose your own wine tour or a BESPOKE experience!

Superb wine experience from Dubrovnik
From 166 EUR per person
Focus your trip to best red wine in Croatia, scenic country roads and medieval
From 87 EUR per person
Great Wine and Oysters tasting half day tour
From 79 EUR per person
3 Wineries in 3 different countries in a single day? Yes. It is possible.
From 160 EUR per person
Taste new fine and discover another country by this half day trip from Dubrovnik.
From 90 EUR per person
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From Our Blog

Many claim it is the most widespread and significant variety in Dalmatia. After Welschriesling and Malvasia, it is the third most cultivated variety in Croatia.
The first Posip vines grew in the wild according to legend and were discovered by chance. Researchers later determined that Posip is probably a cross between two other varieties from Korčula Island.


11 years of guiding experience in cultural and wine tours, close friendly connections with most of wine makers and other people you will meet along your tour, ensures a day very well spent.

Ivo has BA in Hotel Management and MBA in Corporate Finance and special interests in medieval Central European history and Ottoman Empire so if you are up for some detailed historical discussion, Ivo is your man.

Stjepan is one of our first guides and colleagues and one of the very few people actually born and raised in the Old Town of Dubrovnik, with Masters in Tourism Destination Management.

Having lived and worked in Croatia, Poland and US and with his profound knowledge of world’s geopolitics, Stjepan will be ready to answer all of your questions about Croatia and region, its history, uniqueness and position in the world.

People enter my vehicle as guests full of expectations and exit as my friends full of interesting stories, and funny moment with great tastes of wine still lingering on their pallet

His name is actually Ivo but everyone calls him by his nickname Mili – sweetheart 🙂 and it suits him perfectly. Everybody loves Mili and he is a favorite guy in the our agency.